Micro Silica

Micro silica is a by-product when metallic silicon, ferrosilicon and other silicon alloys are manufactured in electric arc furnace, which is also referred as silica fume and condensed silica fume. The building and construction material is highly demanded with the rise in infrastructure worldwide. The cement is one of the building materials that has inherent strength properties. The micro silica is an essential mineral admixture used in the making of concrete, as it provides corrosion resistance, sulphate resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance. The particles of micro silica are small and when added to cement reduces the average size of pores in cement.

Micro Silica

Micro silica is a grey, fine powder that finds use in concrete production. There are many benefits of using this powder into the mixture, which can be high strength concrete, self-compacting concrete and waterproof concrete. The affordable powder when added as a prime additive often reduces the weight and cost of concrete slabs. The concrete slabs produced are more durable against acidic water. It enhances compressive strength, reduces permeability, improves bond, minimizes bleeding and resists chemical, abrasion, corrosion and sulphate.

Technical Specification of Micro Silica 

Chemical And Physical Properties:

ASTM C1240


Chemical Properties:








85 % to 95 %

IS Method



< 3.0

IS Method



< 6.0

IS Method



Physical Properties:


Specific Surface (m2/gram)

> 15

Pozz. Activity Index (0/0) 7 days accelerated curing

> 104

Retained on 45 Microns Sieve (0/0)

< 10 - 12

Variation from avg. retained on 45 Microns (0/0)

< 5-6


Micro Silica For Construction

Micro Silica Is an Eco Green Products,  It si Good Super Pozzolan. This super Pozzolan Can Be Used In A Big Way to make special Concrete Mixes. There is a growing demand for fine amorphous silica in the production of speical cement and concrete mixes, high performance concrete concrete, high strength, low permeability concrete, for use in bridges, marine environments, nuclear power plant etc. 

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