Micro Silica

Our company supplies powdered micro silica that can be added into hardened concrete to improve compressive strength, bond strength, impact resistance, chemical resistance and reduce heat and permeability.

Silica Fume
Our Silica Powder is a colorless, white, or non-combustible crystalline form chemical. This is entirely produced from silica material that is a pure sand and is considered a major industrial material.
Rusk Husk Ash Powder ( RHA )

Rusk Husk is mainly used to increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of soil. This also helps in increasing and improving the soil infiltration, porosity and so on. This husk is great to use and safe too. This husk is very effective as well as economical to use.

Amorphous Silica
Chemically known as silicon dioxide the offered Amorphous Silica powdered substances are available in the purest form with a purity of 99 percent and a density of up to 2.196 grams per cubic centimeters. Buy from us these industrial-grade compounds in bulk at a reasonable price range. 

"We deal in bulk orders"
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